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GPOS All in One (AIO) Solution

GPOS AIO solution combines features from all other GPOS solutions to create a business solution no matter what your business. GPOS software boasts an simple user interface, making life easy for you and your customers.

GPOS AIO solution includes staff/supplier/customer management, inventory management, accounting functions, reporting functions, and more.

No matter what your industry or business, whether your business is business to business or business to customer, GPOS AIO solution takes care of your business, increase efficiency and reduces cost with increased transparency.

GPOS software are online based applications, which means you are able to access GPOS systems from anywhere where there is internet.

GPOS E-COM Solution

GPOS E-Commerce solution is an integrated suite of web-based business solution for your online business.

GPOS E-Commerce Solution combines online order, inventory control, CRM management and range of other functions that will increase efficiency and cut costs for your business.

GPOS E-Commerce Solution's report function generates a wide range of reports to provide your business with useful information that will aid to the decision making and strategic plans of your business. And being a web-based application, you are able to access your business from anywhere where there is internet access.

Main Features:

  • Domain Name
  • Retail POS
  • Web-Access
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Multi-Branch
  • Multi-Till
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase
  • Online Order
  • Wholesale System
  • Promotion System
  • CRM System
  • Accounting
  • Online Credit Payment
  • VIP Member System

System SceenShot:

Hosting Requirements

We can provide a free domain name , you only need:

  • On site Internet Connection.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) V5.5 or above.
  • A PC with minimun P3, 256MB memory, 20G hard disk.

GPOS Server Requirements

If you would like to own this system and install into your own server and network. Requirement for server below:


  • Windows 2000 Server or Later.
  • SQL 2000 or Later.

Hardware (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel P4 or above.
  • Hard Disk: 200GB Raid.
  • Memory: 1GB.

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